Montserrat Tourism Division Pledges $1000 for Best Environmental Calypso Song

The Montserrat Tourism Division, Office of the Premier, announced today that it is offering $1000 for the Best Environmental Song in this year’s Calypso Competition for Montserrat Carnival 2022.

Director of the Tourism Division, Mrs. Rosetta West-Gerald stated, “the prize is another way for the division to encourage awareness of the importance of Montserrat’s environment. Our environment is a foundational pillar on which our tourism product is built. This cash prize is intended to encourage our creative community but also helps to spread the word about the role each of us plays in caring for Montserrat.”

“This sponsorship offers our artists much-needed support and encouragement to hone and develop their craft. We are always grateful and appreciative of such support and continue to encourage sponsors to come onboard,” said Kenneth Silcott, Director of the Montserrat Arts Council, which oversees the organising of Montserrat Carnival and other national festivals.

Montserrat Carnival will run from December 17, 2022, to January 2, 2023, where the calypso competitions form an integral part of the celebrations. The winner will be selected by the official judges from all the performances from Calypso Eliminations to the Calypso Finals. The winning song will be announced at the Calypso Finals on December 29, 2022.

Some of the initiatives that the Tourism Division have executed during the 2022 Environmental Awareness Campaign, include a radio jingle by Nyne, the Experience Montserrat Like a Tourist Tours during Tourism Week, Beach and Ghaut Clean-Up Campaigns and the screening of Deep Blue, an environmental film from HAMAFilms Antigua.

The Campaign is supported with funds from the European Union Development Fund (EDF11).