About the Montserrat Arts Council

The Montserrat Arts Council’s operational budget is 100% funded by the Government of Montserrat, through the Office of the Premier. It has a mandate to foster the development of art; uplift the condition of arts and artists; advise the Minister on art and cultural matters; ensure the implementation of the government’s cultural policy; implement government’s regional and international cultural commitments; and co-ordinate the activities of the agencies in Montserrat responsible for cultural activities.

What We Do

The MAC not only finances the major festivals on island, we offer technical support to individuals and groups to help build the cultural industries on island. We do this with workshops, facilitating regional and international experiences for our artists and other creatives. We champion policies on behalf of the cultural sector with the Government of Montserrat and with our regional counterparts as part of the Regional Cultural Committee.

How We Make an Impact

The MAC is increasing its efforts to make a difference and to ensure that creatives can earn a living from their craft. We are currently developing our five-year strategic plan. The plan, called Developing the Arts, Preserving Our Heritage identifies the five strategic themes for the Council and how we aim to accomplish them. It provides a framework through which programmes will be developed and policies will be designed to benefit the creative sector and boost economic activity on island.