Montserrat Arts Council (MAC) Advocate for Men Against Cancert (MAC)

The Montserrat Arts Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Social Services, invites the public to rally against cancer for the month of November.

Men Against Cancer (MAC) is the brainchild of Director of the Arts Council, Mr. Kenneth Silcott. Although the premise is overall men’s health and well-being, the main focus is on prostate cancer. Prostate cancer claims the lives of more black Caribbean men than any other cancer even though it is slow-growing, easily detectable and treatable. The Arts Council believes that raising awareness about the disease can greatly help men on Montserrat.

Through collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Social Services, a few activities have been organized to help raise public awareness and to encourage men to find out their health status. The main activity is a walk from Look Out to Carnival City which will take place on International Men’s Day, Thursday 19th November. Registration starts at 4:30pm and the walk kicks off at 5pm. In true Arts Council style, patrons will be accompanied by a music truck along the route. At Carnival City there will be talks by healthcare
professionals and a prostate cancer survivor.

Another part of this initiative is the provision of FREE male wellness and prostate health checks. Men on island are being encouraged to make an appointment to see Dr. Valentine at one of the following clinics on the designated days:
 25 th November – St Peter’s Clinic (491-5436)
 26 th November – Cudjoe Head (491-5258)
 27 th November – Salem (491-5256)

More information will be given on the upcoming episode of the radio programme ‘Talking Health’ (a Ministry of Health & Social Services initiative) which will feature Vernaire Bass and Sharlene Lindsay of the Arts Council and Dr. Valentine. These three guests will speak with the host, Health Promotion Coordinator – Mrs. Penny Maloney about the upcoming activities and about prostate health in general.

The programme airs on ZJB Radio at 3pm on November 18th.

To learn more about this MAC initiative or to donate to the cause, send an email to info@artscouncil.ms or call us on 491-8555 or 8556.