The Winners – De Voice Retains the Calypso Crown

Congratulations to Keithroy “De Voice” Morson who retained the calypso crown for a third year in a row.

He captivated audiences with Hard Like a Diamond and A Shoulda, performing in the 10th position in each round of the Justin “Hero” Cassell Calypso Finals.

Well done to the other nine calypsonians who gave our audience of over 800 people in the village and many more online, an amazing evening of entertainment and great calypso.

The order of winners and their prize money is as follows:

MONARCH – $10,000 – Keithroy “De Voice” Morson

2nd place – $8,000 – Garnett “Sylk” Thompson

3rd place – $6,000 – Kimari “Proklaima” Kirnon

4th place – $4,000 – Roland “Kenzie” Johnson

5th place – $3,000 – Steve “Iceman” Weekes

6th to 10th place – $2,000

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