Montserrat Masquerades Make an Impact at Antigua Carnival

Montserrat Masquerades march through St. John’s Antigua. Nia Golden Photo

Twenty masquerades from three local groups danced their hearts out during the Antigua Carnival on August 5 and 6.

At the invitation of the Antigua & Barbuda Festivals Commission, the masqueraders enjoyed two nights at the Hawksbill Resort an all-inclusive property.

During the day, the dancers from the Emerald Shamiole, Ladies of Alliouagana and the new Cudjoe Head masquerades performed in the streets of St. John’s, Antigua.

Captain of the Cudjoe Head Masquerades Reinford “Kulcha Don” Gibbons said Day one was tiring but Day two was even more so and the carnival route wound through the streets of the capital.  Gibbons added that they were part of the cultural section with masqueraders from St. Kitts and drum groups from Guadeloupe and local iron bands.

The group was featured on the live stream of the Carnival on both days. They were also interviewed for the ABS TV News.

Special thanks to the Premier Donaldson Romeo for providing the funds to cover the travel costs from his Miscellaneous Project Funds, along with the Tourism Division.

Check out lots of great videos and photos on Discover Montserrat’s Facebook page, which provided coverage of the masqueraders performances on Antigua.

Chaperone Donelta Weekes and Titus, captain of the Emerald Shamiole Masqueraders are interviewed by ABS Television. Nia Golden Photo